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Kitchen Witch Hawaii

White Sage Smudge

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This white sage is grown on private land in the foothills of California, responsibly sourced and hand-bound.  This sage is meant to be used for ritual cleansing and NOT if you have "activity" in your home (please message me if you have actual activity).
Directions: You can say your own prayers/ over dried sage prior to lighting to increase power of intentions, then light responsibly on a flame/heat proof surface (petrified wood, concrete or abalone shells work well, as examples) and fan out flames leaving a cleansing smoke used to walk throughout your space with the pure intention of clearing and cleansing.  Work in a clockwise fashion from the heart or center of your space outwards after fanning smoke around yourself first.  Always make sure embers are completely extinguished at the close of your cleansing.
4" bundle hand-wrapped