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handcrafted, all-natural soap and skin care

made in Hawai'i

Magic Lip Balm

White Sage Smudge

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I love the presentation of the packages. The smell of the candle, soap and cream are sublime. Great products! My family and friends are enjoying them too. Thank you 🙏

Hilda J.

My body is a temple, so I had to try the temple bar. This bar smells SO good. I haven't used it yet - I'm keeping it in one of my drawers to make my laundry smell good! - but it definitely reminds me of incense and is a very warm, calming scent. Can't wait to use it. If it's like the other Kitchen Witch soaps, I know it'll be just as creamy and luxuriating.

Katrina V.

Awesome as usual. Thats why we keep ordering your soap products,). It makes my skin so soft, and healthy feeling. sometimes I really don't need to put lotion on after bathing. Thats how soft my skin feels. Mahalo NUI again and again!

Jason C.