About Kitchen Witch Hawaii

I began hand-crafting skin care products for myself so I would know exactly what I was putting on my skin. I am a paramedic by day and wanted clean, nourishing, healthy products to use at home and at work. 

Working in the germ-filled environment that I do, I wanted essential oils, natural soaps and cremes to take care of my skin and relax my mind at home.  It's a jungle out there! 

I have been practicing many modalities and disciplines of the natural healing arts for the past 30 plus years. My belief in Spirit, intention and the healing power of plant-based ingredients also inspired me to create these products.

Kitchen Witch Hawai'i will always support organic, local farmers/products and will use these ingredients first when available. Every ingredient I craft with has been hand-picked by me for the highest quality assurance.  All products are cruelty-free (of course) and only tested on willing human beings.

The name Kitchen Witch is an ode to my great-grandmother who was a soap maker during the Depression Era. It only seems right to pay respect to ancestors and family who helped paved our way.

Slainte and enjoy!


Marie/Kitchen Witch