Collection: Angel Magic: Prayers and Meditations for Healing and Manifestation

Unlock the secrets of the universe and elevate your life with "Angel Magic Prayers and Meditations for Healing and Manifesting." Written by Kate Whitney, author of Angel Magic, and Marie Hathaway, founder of Kitchen Witch Hawaii, this powerful tool will guide you on a mystical journey of self-discovery and manifestation.
Experience the magic of connecting with your guardian angel through guided meditations, manifest your soulmate with powerful prayers, and clear your chakras for ultimate spiritual alignment. Dive into the world of etheric spell-work and manifestation meditations, and raise your vibration instantly with a special prayer. Say goodbye to anxiety and stress as you bless strangers with the power of prayer and much more! This is a journey that will change your life forever.
Start your day with a burst of inspiration by listening to the morning prayer as you get ready for the day. Allow the words to guide you towards alignment and help you easily maintain a high vibration as you feel connected to the Angels and source energy. And as the day comes to a close, let the soothing bedtime prayer and manifestation exercise guide you towards a peaceful slumber, surrounded by the loving energy of the angels.
Designed for the busy individual, "Angel Magic" seamlessly fits into your daily routine, helping you to see the beauty and magic in everything and manifest your desires with ease. So don't wait any longer to unlock the power of the universe and elevate your life with "Angel Magic."

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